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Precise Lubrication of Pins, Bushings, Links and Conveyors

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Thus, both link and chain service life depend on proper lubrication. Conveyor chains operate under moderate speeds and mixed friction conditions with heavy metal to metal contact. Therefore, chain service life relies thus on lubricants’ wear protection capabilities. Moreover, it is particularly influenced by the chain oil quality, the additive package as well as the oil supply accuracy. The protective lubricant layer, however, is worn off with time and needs…

Particular requirements and environments require special solutions. Turmo®comp HD 150 is a lubrication concept enabling effective lubrication of roller bearings even in complex operating conditions. The lubricating compound is a composition of ultrahigh molecular polymers and synthetic, temperature-stable base oils. For application in the food industry, H1-approved lubricants are used. Img.1: Roller bearing lubricated with grease Img. 2: Roller bearing lubricated with Turmo®comp HD 150 In order to protect roller bearings against extreme operating influences such as dust…

The producer of special lubricants is growing continuously thanks to a globally increasing demand for quality products.

Lubricant Consult (LUBCON®), producer of special lubricants, looks back on a successful and eventful business year 2014. At headquarters in Maintal (Germany) the company enlarged the production site through purchasing neighbouring premises.

LUBCON Clean Series - an Effective Solution to Avoid Pathogen's Growth

In order to produce safe food and beverages, strict industrial hygiene measures must be obtained. This also accounts for the selection of lubricants which are applied in bearings, for example. In case of lubricated bearings, however, it is nearly impossible to clean and disinfect the inside space properly. Consequently, microbial organisms that could have penetrated the grease are provided with a potential biological nutrient media.

Toxicologically Harmless Lubricants owing to New Base Oils

On the one hand, offshore applications require high-performance lubricants. On the other hand, only lubricants that meet the regulations to protect the marine environment can be applied. Therefore, LUBCON developed Grizzlygrease Bio 1-1000 which achieves biodegradability of at least 70 % and is suitable for various applications.

High performance lubricants for long-term applications

A wide range of oils, cleaning agents and preservatives as well as numerous greases with expertly blended additives for long-term applications have been developed to cover all tribological requirements of the wood working industry. The OEM recommended and approved lubricants make it possible to open up new processing opportunities of surfaces and edges by achieving faster through-put times and higher lot sizes.

Thermally stable H1 lubricants for valves and fittings in the beverage industry

To avoid wear, cracking or abrasion, an optimum supply of the correct lubricant at the friction points is essential. While choosing the correct lubricant for the lubrication of fittings, particularly the compatibility with elastomers plays a crucial role.

Increased productivity through optimized highperformance lubricants and electro mechanical lubrication technique

Shorter machine cycles, the constant increase in production volume, machine speed and accuracy make today’s manufacturing processes more productive but also more complex. These advanced technologies in the machine tool sector require high-performance lubricants and lubricating oils to achieve maximum productivity and longevity of the machine tools.

Easily biodegradable and long-lasting lubricant solutions for the de-icing of contact wires

Throughout Europe there is a lack of environmental-friendly and efficient solutions in the commuter and main line passenger system, especially when it comes to the prevention of contact wire icing. The German special lubricant manufacturer Lubricant Consult GmbH closely examined this topic and collaborated with vehicle/rail owners to develop an environ-mentally friendly solution, effectively giving icing of contact wires the cold shoulder.

Noise reduction without extension of braking distance

In joint development projects with the vehicle and component manufacturers, as well as many years of collaboration with infrastructure operators and system engineers, the German special lubricant manufacturer Lubricant Consult GmbH succeeded to formulate an innovative lubricant generation for driving flanks and driving surface lubrication with the product range Sintono® Terra.