Wind Energy

The complete solution: Special lubricants for clean energy generation

Renewable energy comes increasingly to the fore. Especially clean wind power generation gains more and more international popularity. In the past years, the use of efficient drive and bearing technologies increased wind turbines' nominal power as well as the overall demand for wind energy. Modern wind turbines can generate power from 2.5 to 5 megawatt and therefore supply thousands of households with environmentally friendly energy. Highly precise components such as rotor bearings, main bearings, pitch and yaw drives are daily subject to high loads as well as environmental influences. Such conditions require protection with extremely efficient lubricants. LUBCON offers lubricants, specially tailored to meet wind turbine requirements. They extend maintenance intervals, offer maximum efficiency and reduce operation costs due to their low lubricant consumption.

In cooperation with major wind turbine manufacturers, LUBCON developed appropriate lubrication systems. Central lubrication systems such as EasyMatic HD extend maintenance cycles and prevent wind turbine breakdowns. LUBCON presents a complete solution for the sustainable lubrication of all main components in wind turbines for a long service life and maximum protection against failures and downtime.

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Wind Energy Plants

LUBCON provides a complete package of specifically matched lubricants, engineering and maintenance solutions for optimum performance of wind turbines. Our greases and oils have been formulated using the most recent technology, raw materials and additives to improve reliability and optimum performance in wind turbines.

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