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 LUBCON H1 Lube Consultant


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In order to choose the right lubricant for an application, various operating conditions have to be considered. Especially in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and also packaging industry, strict legal requirements meet demanding application environments: e.g. extreme temperatures, humidity, the use of sanitizers or cleaners, and more.

The LUBCON H1 Lube Consultant has been developed as a support tool for the correct selection of appropriate H1 certified lubricants.

The app provides the following features:

-selection of H1 lubricants according to simple criteria

-display of basic technical information for the selected lubricant

-FAQ, terms and definitions regarding H1 lubricants

-quick contact to LUBCON application engineers


Calculation Tool for Bearing Lubrication


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The calculation tool for bearing lubrication (Lubricant Bearing Toolbox) is a successful gadget during bearing maintenance and repair. The App can be used in individual applications. It is a simple and user-friendly tool for basic bearing calculations such as speed parameters, lubrication quantity and free bearing space.


Lubricant Compatibility Check

Lubricant Compatibility Check

Android App (Google Play Store) iPhone App (iTunes Store)

In maintenance and repair, it is often of great importance to check the compatibility of different lubricants. With the LUBCON Lubricant Compatibility Check maintenance staff can check immediately the compatibility of two lubricants. Only basic information such as base oil type, thickener or elastomer need to be entered. The compatibility will be displayed quick and simple in a colored bar.


LUBCON-App benefits:

  • Installation within seconds
  • Clear and simple navigation
  • Easy to use
  • Immediate results after entering the basic data
  • Practical and applicable everywhere without formulas or calculation sheets
  • Lubrication with precise lubricant quantities
  • Optimised maintenance
  • Fast lubricant compatibility check