Reel Stand and Splicer

The reel stand and slicer enable the continuous paper web feed during corrugated board production. To enable continuous machine operation, the reel stand provides reliable web paper feeding while the splicer splices the paper roll beginnings and ends. Maximum component reliability at maximum speeds is required to avoid downtime and paper web damage. LUBCON lubricants for the corrugated industry are utilised and recommended by machine manufacturers. They offer best lubricity and protection for maximum performance and service life of machine components. They enable long maintenance intervals as well as longer service life at high speeds, loads and media influences.

Roll bearings/Pivot shafts/Sliding guides/Chain drives/Tension joints

Turmogrease NM 3

Multi-purpose grease with excellent wear protection and high load carrying capacity. It is particularly suitable for the lubrication of journal and roller bearings, festoon carriage rolls, pressure belt tension, transfer and doctor rolls, guide rolls and splicer rolls as well as pivot and drive shafts. The mineral based universal grease protects reliably from corrosion and can be utilised for the lubrication of chain drives and pivot shafts as well as all other friction points at normal temperatures.

Turmogrease Li 802 EP

Universal long-life grease with Li soap thickener, combined with special additives, providing very good operating characteristics and high efficiency at different requirements. The high-performance grease is developed for the lubrication of roller and journal bearings subject to high temperatures, loads and speeds. It is extremely load and age-resistant and provides good corrosion protection for all friction points in corrugating machines.

Turmosynthgrease ALN 1003

NSF/H1 certified special grease with high corrosion and wear protection for the lubrication of all friction points in corrugated board processing. It features high lubricity and offers a long service life across a broad temperature range. The aluminium complex soap can be utilised in corrugators as a H1 alternative for lubrication of journal and roller bearings, festoon carriage rolls, pressure belt tension, transfer and doctor rolls, guide rolls and splicer rolls, slewing and drive shafts as well as for the lubrication of chain drives and pivot shaft gears.


Turmofluid HLP 46

Hydraulic oil with an optimum additive package for high temperature and oxidation stability. The ageing and high pressure resistant high performance oil of ISO VG grade 46 protects against corrosion and sludge formation, extends therefore oil intervals, has a high lubricity and enables long service life of hydraulic systems in the Single Facer/Module Facer.

Turmosynth VG 46

Gear, hydraulic and chain oil of ISO VG grade 46 with NSF/H1 food grade registration, based on highly refined, white mineral oils for high pressure loads across a wide temperature range. It is also suitable in bearings, hydraulic jacks and joints in the corrugated industry.

Chains/Toothed racks

Turmofluid 40 B - 400 ml aerosol

Extremely temperature resistant chain and gear oil. It is a synthetic lubricating oil for open drives, chains and gears. It does not carbonise, embrittle, build layers or polymerise and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of open wire ropes, guideways, leaf springs and toothed racks.

Grizzlygrease No. 1 - 500 ml aerosol

Lithium/calcium complex grease with excellent wear protection for heavily loaded open gears. The solid-free, high-performance grease is high-temperature and radiation resistant and suitable across a wide application range in the corrugated industry.

Turmosynth VG 4800 - 500 ml aerosol

Colourless, highly viscose, adhesive, white oil based lubricant with high pressure stability and permanent protection against wear and corrosion. The InS/H1 certified multi-purpose lubricant can be used across a wide temperature range, does not generate solid deposits and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of chains, toothed racks, pivot drives and open gears in corrugators.