Residue-free cleaning and preservation solutions for clean and well maintained machines

The proper cleaning and maintenance of a machine is essential for long and reliable operation. LUBCON has a wide product range of cleaning agents and solvents for industrial uses as well as for application in the food and cosmetics sector. Whether industrial, biodegradable cleaners or sugar-dissolving lubricant for clean and residue-free surfaces, we have the solution for almost every application.

Industrial cleaners

LC 500 - 500 ml (17 oz) aerosol

Special cleaner for industrial plants and workshops: Cleans and degreases thoroughly all surfaces such as metal, glass, stone and diverse plastics. Suitable for tools, tiles, stone floors or carpets. Evaporates quickly without leaving any residues.


Kaltreiniger P

Water-soluble degreaser with outstanding wetting and cleaning capabilities, excellent dirt-carrying capacity and good dispersant effect. It does not contain chlorinated solvents and meets the cleanliness requirements of industry and craft. It provides a thorough and quick cleaning effect.

Biodegradable cleaners


Highly concentrated, easily biodegradable cleaning and degreasing agent for various applications in industry, construction, workshops and around the home. It is water-miscible, has a very good cleaning effect and prevents bacteria from forming through its special additive combination.

Food grade

Turmosynth VG 1 - 500 ml (17 oz) aerosol

Quickly evaporating special cleaner and degreaser with H1-certification, particularly suitable for to remove oil, grease or wax form tools and components.

Turmosynth VG 2 - 500 ml (17 oz) aerosol

Low viscosity, NSF H1 registered cleaner with very good compatibility towards metals and elastomers. It leaves a durable lubricating film that protects against corrosion and improves the dismantling of machine parts.

If you have not been able to find the respective product for your application, please call us at +1 616 575 6034 and our technical support will find the right lubricant solution for your application.