Lubricant Analysis

Comprehensive lubricant analysis for a safe and optimised manufacturing process

Clean and standard-conforming lubricants are essential for an efficient manufacturing process. Lubricants transform during the application and can degrade prematurely in high temperature applications. Contamination with water, dust, wear particles or similar, can transform lubricants into a health and safety risk. Even the smallest wear-particle traces can significantly reduce machine efficiency and harm the environment as well as the ecological production due to unnecessary and untimely lubricant replacement.

Lubricant behavior and its effect on the manufacturing process can be calculated using selective lubricant sampling and precise analysis. Menacing component failure or premature breakdowns can be thus prevented. A substantial analysis determines precisely the wear-particle content in the lubricant and provides information about running behavior as well as the operating conditions, without causing long machine downtime or time consuming machine disassembly.

Our service includes following lubricant analysis:
  • Mineral and synthetic oils
  • Greases
  • Assembly pastes

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