Total Lube Management

Professional and experienced maintenance consultation as well as support before, during and after the implementation

Total Lube Management (TLM) starts with the machine design and ends with reliable every-day lubricant organization, supply, application and technical support. Reliable machine performance is thus strongly related to a well organized and executed maintenance procedure. In close collaboration with the machine manufacturers and machine operators, lubrication tools have been developed to enable quick reference to the actual maintenance procedure.

Total Lube Management (TLM) includes:

  • Elaboration of customized lubricant charts
  • Planned and lubricant-consumption oriented lubricant delivery
  • Application and customer-friendly product labeling
  • Lubrication management of custom plant installations
  • Documentation of lubrication processes
  • Conception and installation of automatic lubricating systems
  • Procurement of production means, e. g. grease guns, grease nipples, lubricant supply systems, etc.
  • Training of maintenance staff
  • Filling and lubrication of bearings in small batches

The base for the lubricant-consumption calculations are individual maintenance schedules. The custom-prepared maintenance schedule is used to determine the lubricant consumption and to plan an optimum lubricant inventory. It conduces to cover the immediate needs. Customers' stocks can be thus kept at a minimum level.Gear oils, bearing greases, chain oils or cleaning and preservation agents can be purchased all from one source. Optimum stock and just-in-time delivery enable the lubricant availability on customers work floor, when needed.


Well documented and clearly marked lubrication points as well as application-oriented labeling allow the maintenance staff to make the suited lubricant choice for the specific application.
General or individual training seminars, for better understanding of the lubrication technology, are available to maintenance personnel, engineering staff and design engineers.

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Total Lube Management

Total Lube Management starts at the design phase of machines and ends with reliable every day lubricant organizations, supply, application and technical support. LUBCON has a long history of supporting the OEM’s in the right choice of lubricant and lubrication method.
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