Paper Industry

Media and temperature-resistant high performance greases from stock preparation throughout finishing

Paper manufacturing involves many linked processes where machine components get exposed to various demands such as high temperatures, high speeds and other unfavorable operating conditions. Such conditions require high demands from machine manufacturers as well as the utilized lubricants. LUBCON offers lubrication solutions for various applications in pulp and paper processing: wood fiber processing, waste-paper processing, paper production (stock preparation/continuous paper manufacturing/wet and dry end) and paper finishing. The sophisticated LUBCON special lubricants are easily applied, ensure operation reliability and enable a smooth and efficient operation in the plant. The utilization of the appropriate lubricant reduces machine downtime and maximizes machine service-life.

The listed products do not reflect the complete LUBCON lubricant portfolio, due to the broad range of applications and lubricant demands in paper processing. We look forward consulting you personally and provide you the suitable product for your application. Please contact our Technical Support in Grand Rapids at +1 616 575 6034 or use our convenient contact form for any questions.