Valves & Fittings

Physiologically inert fitting greases and sliding agents for water, oxygen and gaseous fittings

Valves regulate the passage of liquid and gaseous substances. They are an integral part in the household as well as in many industrial areas. Factors that have to be considered when choosing the appropriate lubricant are, besides others, good compatibility with sealants and the influence of humidity or chemically aggressive media. Exclusively physiologically inert, odor and taste neutral lubricants should be applied, especially if the incidental contact with food cannot be avoided technically, e.g. conveying drinking water, bottling of juices and refreshments or alcoholic beverages, such as beer, vine or spirits. LUBCON offers media resistant  special lubricants for the application in valves that have good lubricating properties at high and low temperatures. They are well compatible with EPDM (Ethylen Propylen Dien Monomer), NBR (Nitril Butadien Rubber), FPM (Fluorinated Propylene Monomer) as well as rubber seals. The lubricants are tested regularly, are certified by NSF, KTW, ACS, and/or MPI and are approved for the use in fittings and other applications in gaseous oxygen by the BAM (the German Institute of Materials Testing).