Multiple moving components in bogie/chassis have to withstand different weather conditions and absorb vibration and shock for the comfortable transportation of passengers. Components such as wheel bearings, engine bearings, gear, shaft, bolts and fittings are thus subject to high loads. These permanently impacting forces can damage components or even cause components to fail. Only one component failure results in high replacement and repair costs as well as delays. To reduce the occurring wear and noise generation at the critical points and to increase the lifetime of wheels, track, bearings etc., engineers rely on LUBCON. The carefully selected product series is specially tailored to the railway industry needs, extends maintenance intervals and reduces operating costs.

Wheel flange

Sintono Terra SK-RE Series

Solid-free, high-performance gage face lubricants based on easily biodegradable synthetic ester oils with special selected thickeners. The greases reduce friction/wear at critical contact surfaces of wheel and rail and improve their performance, even at high loads. They are particularly water resistant, have excellent oxidation stability and are available in different NLGI grades. The special greases are extremely adhesive and offer good temperature behavior in all seasons.

Grizzlygrease Bio Series

Fully biodegradable, solid-free, long-term lubricating greases for the lubrication of track side face/wheel flange. The biodegradable ester oil based lubricants reduce significantly noise, minimize wear at wheel and rail contact surfaces and show good temperature behavior during all seasons. They are particularly resistant to water/salt water, offer high adhesive strength, outstanding high load carrying capacity as well as excellent oxidation stability.

Wheel running surfaces

Sintono Terra HLK Series

These unique products are specially formulated friction modifiers that reduce considerably vibration, curve squeal and rail head loads, without negative influence on traction or braking performance. The friction modifiers for top of rail (TOR)/wheel side face are based on biodegradable ester oils and contain soft metal particles, particularly developed for minimum lubrication of wheel and rail. They maintain friction at contact surfaces, are highly effective against noise generation and reduce significantly lubricant consumption. This multiple tested and approved lubricant series meets the required criteria for traction/breaking and prevents significantly noise generation and curve squeal.

Wheel bearing

Turmogrease Li 802 EP

Long-life grease with carefully selected lithium soap thickener, combined with special additives for best lubricity. The grease has been developed to cover all speed and load ranges with only one product. It reduces frictional loads, prevents corrosion and ensures continuous lubricity. The bearing grease offers high load carrying capacity and good ageing protection.

Turmoplex 3 EP

Oxidation and temperature resistant lithium soap grease of NLGI grade 3 for the long-term lubrication of wheel bearings. It is very resistant to water, suitable for low and high speeds, guarantees good lubricity as well as good corrosion protection even when subject to humidity, cold or temperature. It is easy to apply and particularly suitable for the use in automatic lubricators.

Engine bearings

Turmogrease L 802 EP plus

The lithium special-soap grease, based on fully synthetic hydrocarbons, is extremely corrosion and ageing resistant. It shows good thermal resistance and extends lubrication intervals due to its lubricant-film stability.


Grizzlygrease No. 3

Lithium/Calcium complex-soap grease with high pressure stability. It offers extremely high load carrying capacity due to its special high-load additives (EP) and reduces significantly friction at the contact points. It is very corrosion and ageing resistant.

With the MicroMax 120 lubrication unit, LUBCON offers an efficient, safe and compact solution for the reliable lubrication of engine bearings. This lubrication device, proven in industrial applications, enables an optimum, automatic bearing lubrication during operation, over a long period.