Radar systems are extremely important for the navigation in aviation. In order to ensure the smooth function of all airplane components, the appropriate lubricant choice is very important. LUBCON special lubricants for radar systems are applicable in a wide temperature range and are extremely pressure resistant.

Turmotemp M 802

This special lubricant has good oxidation and temperature stability, high pressure resistance (EP properties) and evaporates without residue. The high vacuum grease is applicable in a vacuum up to 10-6 mbar and is used in aerospace applications, such as radar systems.

Ultrathermoil VG Series

These special oils appertain to the most thermally and chemically stable products on the market. They have a high oxidation and temperature resistance and a low evaporation loss. They are non-flammable and do not cause swelling of polymers and elastomers. These pressure resistant products are used as lubricants and sealants complying with all metals.

Ultratherm 1000 LF

This lubricating and sealing grease is used in high vacuum applications (up to 10-8 mbar). It has a very high oxidation and thermal stability. The grease succeeds in lifetime lubrication under operating temperatures and/or chemical influences, where conventional or other special greases are not able meet the requirements. The fully synthetic grease has proved to perform successfully in roller and sliding bearings in the aviation industry and can be used for the gimbal lubrication in radar systems.