Our lubricants have been used successfully in cycling for many years. This allowed us a precisely tailored formulation of our bicycle products for a long service life of your bike. LUBCON products are always the right choice for amateur cyclists, bicycle-racers or mountain-bikers, providing reliable corrosion protection and bike-preserving maintenance.

Skin Protect – 250 ml (8.5 oz) foam aerosol

When applied to most, particularly stressed body areas, protects reliably against inflammation and chafing. Skin Protect is easily applicable, non-greasy and keeps the skin silky and smooth. The foam forms a protective layer on the skin but lets it breath and perspire naturally.

Turmowax – 250 ml aerosol

Turmowax is a very efficient agent for long-term bicycle maintenance. It provides an extremely high rust and corrosion protection on all bike components, rims and frame, even under influence of saltwater. It is dust and dirt-displacing and offers a long lasting shine. Its mild formulation is gentle to skin and prevents the fret of plastics. Application after each cleaning is recommended.

LUBCON bicycle products are only available in bicycle-dealerships.