Conscientious bicycle maintenance is the “Alpha” and “Omega” for every cyclist in the private and professional bicycle sector. Dirt, water and oil deposits can cause heavy corrosion and affect bicycle function and safety. Imperceptible cracks in the bicycle-frame, deposits on the gear as well as foot pedals are in the long run harmful to the bicycle and can also endanger cyclist safety. Extend the service life of your bicycle with the LUBCON environment and user-friendly cleaning products.

Easy Clean – 250 ml aerosol

Easy Clean cleans heavy deposits, even on chains and brakes. Due to its dispensing tip it can be applied precisely onto the components for cleaning. Tar, oil, grease, resin and adhesives can be removed easily. Easy Clean eliminates dirt and cleans thoroughly.

Turmowax – 250 ml aerosol

Turmowax is a very efficient agent for long-term bicycle maintenance. It provides an extremely high rust and corrosion protection on all bike components, rims and frame, even under influence of saltwater. It is dust and dirt-displacing and offers a long lasting shine. Its mild formulation is gentle to skin and prevents the fret of plastics. Application after each cleaning is recommended..

LUBCON bicycle products are only available in bicycle -dealerships.