An inappropriate lubricant can act like sandpaper between two metal surfaces. The two grinding surfaces lead to tremendous wear of bicycle components and in conjunction with water and dirt to premature failure. The choice of the proper chain oil, which minimises the friction on chain and gear to enable an impeccable ride, requires particular consideration. Reduce your maintenance costs with LUBCON bicycle lubricants. Developed in practice and formulated for best performance.

Profi Oil – 250 ml aerosol

Profi Oil stands out with its high lubrication power, very good creeping properties and excellent corrosion protection. Easily applied by a spray can, it offers optimum lubrication at various temperatures and over a long period. The oil displaces moisture and protects reliably against frost.

Turmofluid 40 B – 100 ml oil bottle

The water resistant chain and component oil Turmofluid 40 B has been successfully on the market for many years and suited to the steadily increasing demands of highly-efficient bicycle oils. Particularly noteworthy is its high adhesion. Even when subject to pressure and humidity, it protects reliably in low and high temperatures and offers a very good corrosion protection. The clear coloured oil prevents a blackening of the bicycle chain, caused by most chain lubricants.

LUBCON bicycle products are only available in bicycle-dealerships.