The production of corrugated board involves a complex manufacturing process, fluting paper and gluing it to flat web paper under the influence of heat. Creating a single, double or triple paper combination creates a firm corrugated construction providing an environmentally friendly, stable cellulose product for the primary production of packaging products. High performance corrugators, with up to 150 meters length and 500 tons weight, yield daily production capacities up to 50 000 m2per hour. Meanwhile, they must run perfectly and without malfunction under influence of heat, humidity, glue, dust and paper deposits. In collaboration with corrugating machine manufacturers, LUBCON succeeded to compile a lubricant assortment that meets all lubrication requirements in corrugating. LUBCON high-performance lubricants protect machine components against wear, prevent downtime, extend service life significantly and minimise operating costs by reducing lubricant consumption.

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Corrugating Industry

Machines for the corrugated industry are subject to high loads and require bearing types providing a particularly high load-carrying capacity and a high resistance to extreme service conditions e. g. high temperatures. Such applications, for instance the bearing of the corrugated roll, can only be operated safely, over long lubricating intervals, if the greases used are specifically formulated for such high demands. Efficient lubricants, that are suited to the requirements of modern machinery, are also required for other lubricating points on the corrugator, such as knives, spindles and chains.

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Cutting Oils for the Corrugator

LUBCON cutting oils for the corrugated and paper industry significantly improve the service life of cutting knives and grinding stones as well as the quality of the cuts due to their excellent corrosion protection and superior starch and glue dissolving capabilities.