The single-faced corrugated board is fed across the bridge to the bridge guide and bridge brake before it is bonded in the glue unit. An even bonding requires a smooth, shock-free and accurate supply of the corrugated web as well as consistent paper web tension. A number of guide, transfer and tension rolls allow the daily production of several hundred-thousand meters of paper web. At this point, only one cylinder bearing failure can result in downtime and production delays. LUBCON bearing lubricants for the use in corrugated machines feature good temperature resistance, high load carrying capacity and protect cylinder bearings permanently against wear, even at high speeds.

Turmogrease NM 3

Multi-purpose grease with excellent wear protection and high load carrying capacity. It is particularly suitable for the lubrication of journal and roller bearings, festoon carriage rolls, pressure belt tension, transfer and doctor rolls, guide rolls and splicer rolls as well as pivot and drive shafts. The mineral based universal grease protects reliably from corrosion and can be utilised for the lubrication of chain drives and pivot shafts as well as all other friction points at normal temperatures.

Turmogrease Li 802 EP

Universal long-life grease with Li soap thickener, combined with special additives, providing very good operating characteristics and high efficiency at different requirements. The high-performance grease is developed for the lubrication of roller and journal bearings subject to high temperatures, loads and speeds. It is extremely load and age-resistant and provides good corrosion protection for all friction points in corrugating machines.

Turmosynthgrease ALN 1003

NSF/H1 certified special grease with high corrosion and wear protection for the lubrication of all friction points in corrugated board processing. It features high lubricity and offers a long service life across a broad temperature range. The aluminium complex soap can be utilised in corrugators as a H1 alternative for lubrication of journal and roller bearings, festoon carriage rolls, pressure belt tension, transfer and doctor rolls, guide rolls and splicer rolls, slewing and drive shafts as well as for the lubrication of chain drives and pivot shaft gears.

Turmogearoil PE 320

Synthetic high temperature oil, based on polymer-ester, synthetic hydrocarbons and additives for high wear and corrosion protection. The oil minimises noise generation, prevents smoke formation, extends lubrication intervals and maximised the efficiency of gears in corrugators.

Turmosynthoil GV 320

NSF/H1 certified gear oil of ISO viscosity grade 320, based on synthetic hydrocarbons (SHC) for applications that require extended maintenance intervals. The oil has low vapour pressure, is very ageing and oxidation-resistant and suitable for the application in corrugated board processing.

Turmopoloil 460 HT

Synthetic gear oil for the long-term lubrication of highly loaded gears. The oil of ISO viscosity grade 460 has high load carrying capacity, outstanding temperature resistance and high wear protection. In comparison to mineral oils it extends lubrication intervals and increases significantly gear service life.