Safety, performance and minimum maintenance costs are our focus. Years of close collaboration with machine manufacturers in food processing and packaging have allowed us to develop a full product line of premium, physically non-hazardous lubricants, that are neutral in odour and taste. Our synthetic greases and oils have been formulated to meet the performance requirements of your machines, even in the harshest environments. From raw ingredient processing throughout the sterilisation, freezing, boiling and packaging of food products, we have the suitable product for your application.
H1 as well as Halal tested and approved products comply with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and HDC (Halal Industry Development Corporation) guidelines. The FDA and HDC identify all applicable ingredients and determine quality and quantity standards for those ingredients. Institutions such as NSF, InS and HDC audit the products considering the FDA and HDC guidelines and assign the respective H1 approval. H1 food grade lubricants have to be neutral in odour and taste, non-hazardous and non-toxic.

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LUBCON Clean Series – Lubricants with Antimicrobial Additives

Pathogenic germs present a risk in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical production. Therefore, LUBCON developed a series of lubricants containing antimicrobial additives to prevent the growth of pathogenic germs within the lubricant. Especially in bearings, for example, the cleaning process is time-consuming and the procucts of the LUBCON clean series can be applied to ensure hygienic production.

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LUBCON High Performance H1 Food Grade Lubricants

For more than 30 years LUBCON has developed specialty lubricants, designed to meet the exacting demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and formulated to perform in various processes and operating conditions. In conjunction with many original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) throughout the industry, LUBCON has developed an extensive range of outstanding lubricants that maximise machine productivity and surpass customer expectations.

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LUBOCN High Performance H1 Food Grade Lubricants

The importance of H1 certified food grade lubricants for the application in the food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries is increasing. Here, you will find an overview of LUBCON H1 certified products.