LUBCON food grade lubricants have been developed to support modern maintenance programmes, based on safe and sustainable performance. A large number of high quality H1 products are available for a variety of tasks such as degreasing, cleaning or preservation as well as for assembly and disassembly of machine components. LUBCON food grade lubricants for maintenance tasks are solely H1 approved in order to guarantee maximum safety and compliance with any HACCP plan. There’s a perfectly suitable LUBCON solution for almost any application.

Rapid FG 15 – 400 ml aerosol

H1-certified penetrating oil, which deeply penetrates, cleans and loosens rusted parts. The multi-purpose synthetic oil leaves a durable lubricating film and provides effective corrosion protection.

Turmopast TAS LMI

Metal-free, H1 assembly paste for applications at temperatures up to 1200 °C (2192 °F). Turmopast TAS LMI offers optimum lubrication and separation properties, even at high surface pressure, and is specifically suitable for the lubrication of threads, guides and journal bearings as well as for the assembly of pins, links, bushings and similar components.

Turmosynth TAS white

InS/H1 approved anti-seize and assembly paste with white solid-lubricants, effective against wear and fretting-corrosion. It prevents seizing of bolts, hinges and bolted joints, has a low friction coefficient and excellent adhesive properties.

Turmosynthoil 75 TF – 400 ml aerosol

Universal synthetic oil with special PTFE additives for all lubrication and friction points. NSF H1 registered. Very adhesive for excellent protection against wear and corossion under extreme operating conditions.

Turmsilon M 100 – 400 ml aerosol

NSF H1 registered release and sliding agent, neutral in colour, odour and taste.

Turmosynth VG 4800 – 500 ml aerosol

High viscosity, adhesive lubricant on white oil base with high load carrying stability and permanent protection against wear and corrosion. It is suitable across a wide temperature range. It keeps its lubricity even at low temperatures and prevents solid deposit formations.

Turmofluid LMI 300 – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic high-performance oil with NSF H1 registration and particularly good separation effect. It has high oxidation stability, offers excellent protection against corrosion and wear and is perfectly suitable for friction point lubrication in medical and technical areas as well as in the beverage and food industry. Due to the low surface tension it offers good wetting and creeping properties.

Turmosynth VG 1 – 500 ml aerosol

Quickly evaporating special cleaner and degreaser with H1-certification, particularly suitable for to remove oil, grease or wax form tools and components.

Turmosynth VG 2 – 500 ml aerosol

NSF H1 registered universal cleaner with lubricating properties. Being applied it leaves a durable lubricating film and serves, for example, as corrosion protective or improves dismantling of machine parts.


Sugar-dissolving agent for the lubrication of handles, joints, rockers/lifters, spindles, chains and grippers. The mineral oil based emulsions penetrates well and allows a safe lubricant change, due to its high density. It is biodegradable and offers excellent corrosion protection.

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LUBCON High Performance H1 Food Grade Lubricants

For more than 30 years LUBCON has developed specialty lubricants, designed to meet the exacting demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and formulated to perform in various processes and operating conditions. In conjunction with many original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) throughout the industry, LUBCON has developed an extensive range of outstanding lubricants that maximise machine productivity and surpass customer expectations.

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LUBOCN High Performance H1 Food Grade Lubricants

The importance of H1 certified food grade lubricants for the application in the food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries is increasing. Here, you will find an overview of LUBCON H1 certified products.