Seals must be lubricated for various reasons. They are used in almost all application areas. Especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, appropriate lubrication of seals is critical and crucial to ensure the function and safety of a plant. Lubricants are often applied to optimise sliding capability and reduce abrasion at contact surfaces. Moreover, sealing lubricants are used as sealing pastes to avoid a freezing of seals used in cooling and freezing plants. Lubricant and seal must be perfectly harmonised to avoid leakage when being applied at gears or pumping units. For all applications, the quality of lubricants and its compatibility with the respective plastics or elastomers must be considered. Besides high-quality sealing lubricants, LUBCON offers a wide choice of fitting greases, which are also approved for applications where lubricating points might have contact with gaseous oxygen.

Turmsilon LMI 5000 clean

The fully synthetic silicone grease contains antimicrobial additives to prevent microbial growth within the grease. Turmsilon LMI 5000 clean is especially developed for the lubrication of EPDM seals, ruber joints, membranes, lip seals. The grease is neutral towards froth, resistant to disinfection solutions, resistant to hot and cold water as well as water steam. It can be used for applications which require a high level of cleanliness and for which growth of pathogenic germs and microbial contamination are a risk, e.g. filling armatures or beer and beverage taps.