Maximum pressure-resistance, high thermal and chemical stability as well as excellent corrosion protection with LUBCON H1 vacuum pump oils

Vacuum pumps are utilized in many industrial areas and are an important factor for production processes. The electronic and semiconductor industry, food and beverage industry as well as the chemical and petroleum sector are only a few areas, where vacuum pumps are an essential element in the production process. LUBCON’s product range includes high performance oils for all vacuum pump types: rotary vane, screw, piston and diffusion pumps or molecular and turbo-molecular pumps. LUBCON vacuum pump oils have been specifically developed to guarantee long service life and maximum reliability.

Turmotempoil 400 Series

Synthetic high-performance lubricants with a PFPE-base and NSF/H1 food grade approval. The pressure and chemical resistant vacuum pump oils feature excellent lubricating properties at high temperatures and enable long lubrication intervals.

Turmosynthoil GV Series

Fully synthetic lubricating oils with NSF/H1 food grade approval, neutral towards elastomers and plastics, for low friction coefficient and high load carrying capacity. The high-performance oils show high oxidation as well as temperature stability and provide outstanding wear protection.

Compguard VPO 100

Compguard VPO 100 is a fully synthetic high performance vacuum pump oil with excellent lubricating properties and high resistance to ageing for extended service life. The oil has a very low vapour pressure even at high temperatures and provides excellent wear protection.

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LUBCON High Performance H1 Food Grade Lubricants

For more than 30 years LUBCON has developed specialty lubricants, designed to meet the exacting demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and formulated to perform in various processes and operating conditions. In conjunction with many original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) throughout the industry, LUBCON has developed an extensive range of outstanding lubricants that maximise machine productivity and surpass customer expectations.

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LUBOCN High Performance H1 Food Grade Lubricants

The importance of H1 certified food grade lubricants for the application in the food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries is increasing. Here, you will find an overview of LUBCON H1 certified products.