High friction is generated between the tool and the work piece during metal processing. Cutting and cooling lubricants (CLs) are used to reduce friction and heat, minimise tool wear and flush during drilling and milling generated chips. They must dissipate water, be environmentally friendly, bio-stable and prevent bacteria formation. LUBCON features a broad range of cooling and cutting lubricants with highly refined base oils for a wear and friction-reducing, safe, efficient and simultaneously environmental friendly application in the metal working area. LUBCON cooling lubricants enable fast, precise and cost-efficient metal working and cutting.

Turmofluid MB SG

Chloride and PCB-free, universally suitable high performance lubricant with extreme high pressure and corrosion protection properties. It is water-soluble, skin-friendly, enables clean working surfaces as well as long service-life. It is ideal for the application during drilling, pivoting, milling and polishing of light and non-ferrous metals.

Turmofluid MBA

Efficient, skin-friendly metal working oils with very low viscosity for good heat dissipation and good wetting properties. It does not smoke, cools the friction point even at high cutting speeds and is particularly suitable for the operation with aluminium or aluminium alloyed metals.

Turmofluid MB GSO

Non-chloride, non-soluble cutting oil, specially suitable for the production of thread rolling and dies as well as highly, medium and mildly alloyed, stainless steels. The high pressure resistant oil offers long-lasting corrosion protection, is biodegradable and features an outstanding lubricating and cooling effect.

Turmofluid MB ST 298 S

Non emulsifying, non-chloride high performance cutting oil for the cutting of highly and mildly alloyed, stainless steels. It features outstanding wetting properties due to its special formula, prevents EP-additive fatigue and has a high performance limit.

Turmofluid MB ST 1

Non-chloride stamping oil without fluorinated hydrocarbons based on pure hydrocarbons with specially selected additives for a high cooling and lubricating effect, good heat dissipation at contact surfaces and long tool service life. The oil is neutral in odour and does not contain non-ferrous metals. It is particularly suitable for metal cutting, stamping and wire-pulling.