CNC lathe and processing centres with up to five axes can pivot milling heads on two axes in a 180° angle. They enable precise and quick fife-side-processing of e. g. aluminium, stainless steel. copper, brass and steel in only one operation. To assure maximum precision and operating performance of drilling and milling heads LUBCON provides a broad assortment of customised lubricants, designed for the use in the metal working industry. Semi-fluids or corrosion protection fluids for gears of drilling and milling heads, assembly pastes for tensioning or high-speed greases for spindle bearings and rotary joints, we have the full product range of successfully utilised and machine manufacturers recommended lubricants.

Thermoplex ALN 1001/00

Synthetic, high viscose, semi-fluid gear grease of NLGI grade 00 with aluminium complex soap thickeners and a special additive selection for excellent metal affinity. The lubricant offers optimum lubricity, very low coefficient of friction and is suitable for the long-term application at high operation temperatures.

Turmogrease Highspeed L 251

Low viscose lithium complex-soap lubricant with minimum starting resistance, low coefficient of friction and excellent rust protection. The low temperature properties in high-speed applications qualify this, by machine manufacturers utilised and recommended, grease perfectly for drilling head gears in CNC machines.

Turmogrease Highspeed L 252

Ester/PAO based, low viscose grease of consistency class 2-3 with lithium soap thickener for maximum speeds up to 2.2 Mio. n • dm. It is particularly adhesive, resistant towards water and cooling liquids and prevents reliably noise as well as friction and wear. The base oil viscosity at 40 °C is 25 mm2/s. The grease is suitable for life-time lubrication and is successfully utilised by machine tool, spindle and bearing manufacturers.