Linear guides and ball screws are important engineering elements in ultra-precision tool manufacturing. Regardless of whether horizontal processing centres, milling machines, NC lathes, CNC gear hobbing or surface grinding machines – all of these machine types depend on precision and speed of modern linear motion technologies that position the milling tool. The proper lubrication is essential for quiet, fast and wear-free operation. LUBCON lubricants for linear guides are extremely resistant towards water and coolants, have high load carrying capacity and are designed for the long-term lubrication of guides at speeds up to 60 m/min.

Turmogrease LC 252

Partly synthetic Li/Ca special grease with perfectly selected additives for best wear and rust protection. It has high operation stability, low separation behaviour and offers high resistance towards water and cooling fluids.

Turmogrease Highspeed L 251

Low viscose lithium complex-soap lubricant with minimum starting resistance, low coefficient of friction and excellent rust protection. This, by machine manufacturers utilised and recommended grease, is especially suitable for drilling head gears in CNC machines, due to its low temperature properties in high-speed applications.

Turmogrease Highspeed L 252

Ester/PAO based, low viscose grease of consistency class 2-3 with lithium soap thickener for maximum speeds up to 2.2 Mio. n • dm. It is particularly adhesive, resistant towards water and cooling liquids and prevents reliably noise as well as friction and wear. The base oil viscosity at 40 °C is 25 mm2/s. The grease is suitable for life-time lubrication and is successfully utilised by machine tool, spindle and bearing manufacturers.

Thermoplex 2 TML

Fully synthetic, high-performance lubricant with lithium soap thickener and a high-viscosity base oil. The lubricant is formulated with special EP additives, reduces noise and is particularly suitable for applications with subject to high speeds, temperatures and mechanical loads.

Thermoplex ALN 1001

Synthetic Al complex-soap lubricant based on synthetic hydrocarbons with a semi-synthetic special thickener for high metal affinity as well as high temperature and high speed applications. It offers good wear and corrosion protection and is suitable for reliable long-life lubrication of linear guides and ball screws.

Thermoplex ALN 1001/00

Synthetic Al complex-soap lubricant of NLGI grade 00 with excellent oxidation stability and high water and coolant resistance for linear guidance systems such as ball screw bearings and linear guides. It’s very low coefficient of friction and good starting properties make it excellently suitable for life-time lubrication in metal processing.

Turmogrease Li 802 EP

Li special soap lubricant for long-term lubrication at high loads. It forms a stable lubricant film, provides excellent rust protection and remarkably good operation properties at high and low temperatures.

In combination with automatic lubrication units such as the long-term solution SixMax 130 for the maintenance-free lubrication of modern linear guides and ball screw, LUBCON offers an optimum lubricant package for a long and maintenance-free guide operation in metal working machines.