The paper product gets its last touch in paper finishing. Surface characteristics such as shine and smoothness are revised at simultaneous reduction of paper thickness. Bearing points are here subject to extreme conditions due to high linear loads, enormous bearing temperatures and various speeds in roller stand.

Turmotemp LP 2502

The high temperature grease, based on fluorated polyether oils (PFPE) with lithium special soap, has superior wear and corrosion protection. It is thermally resistant and offers excellent load carrying capacity even under high influence of water and steam.

Turmogrease N 2 PM

The synthetic grease of consistency grade 2 is suitable for long-term and long life lubrication of roller and journal bearings in the wet and dry end e. g. in the paper industry. It is particularly recommended in applications where components are exposed to high temperatures, hot and cold water as well as steam, liquid alkali or acid cleaning agents and their vapours.

Turmofluid ED 13

Synthetic, silicone-free high performance oil with excellent spreading effect and good creeping properties. The oil guarantees optimum lubricity and good corrosion protection due to its water repelling effect and the high metal affinity. The oil is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of linear guides, ball screws, shafts and other machine components. Temperature range -45 °C up to 150 °C.

Turmofluid 40 B

Synthetic chain oil for the lubrication of highly temperature exposed chains. It offers very good tribo-corrosion and wear protection due to its excellent adhesion properties and high oxidation stability.

Turmopast NBI 2 weiss

The light-coloured lubricating and assembly paste protects successfully against wear and fretting corrosion due to latest solid lubricant additives. It is excellently suitable for the lubrication of sliding guides and shaft-nut-connections.

Turmopast MA 2

Particularly adhesive assembly paste with high protection against tribo-corrosion as well as wear and fretting corrosion. In paper processing, the paste is applicable as bearing grease in electric-motors as well as for the lubrication of sliding guides and shaft-nut-connections.

The listed products do not reflect the complete LUBCON lubricant portfolio, due to the broad range of applications and lubricant demands in paper processing. We look forward consulting you personally and provide you the suitable product for your application. Please contact our Technical Support in Maintal at +49 (0)6109/7650-0 or use our convenient contact form for any questions.