Every printing press needs air. For example the compressed air supply for the pneumatic cylinders, the sheet separation in the sheet-fed, paper feeding in the printing unit and sheet stacking. Various compressor types that need to be frequently lubricated, maintained and repaired, are used to generate compressed air. Lubrication and the lubricant selection are important aspects that can have an impact on energy consumption and compressor performance. The LUBCON product portfolio includes compressor oils for the long-term lubrication of all compressor types e. g. vane, piston and screw compressors. LUBCON compressor oils reduce heat generation (due to their good temperature behaviour), offer maximum performance (due to their high wear and oxidation protection) and enable long maintenance intervals for maximum printing machine operation.

Turmofluid VDL 150 KS

Chemically and thermally stable oil for oil-lubricated compressors. It features good lubricity as well as remarkably high oxidation stability. The oil prevents deposit accumulation or carbonisation and thus offers a high safety against deflagration and explosion.

Turmosynthoil GV 150

NSF/H1 certified compressor oil of ISO viscosity class 150, based on synthetic hydrocarbons (SHC). It has a low evaporation loss, is very stable towards ageing as well as oxidation and can be used in compressors manufactured by companies such as e. g. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN AG.

Turmofluid VDL 46

Chemically and thermally stable oil for oil-lubricated compressors. The combination of highly refined mineral oils has been formulated to prevent common issues, such as thermal decomposition or deposit formation, at start-up. The compressor oil features very good lubricity as well as markedly high oxidation stability.

Compguard FG 46

Fully synthetic compressor oil for extended oil change intervals up to 4,000 hours in compressors by e. g. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN AG. The special oil of ISO VG-class 46 is InS/H1 classified and particularly suitable for high and low temperature applications.