Paper sheets are feed through the printing press by means of grippers and guides. For the printing process as well as for further processing, it is essential that the sheets are fed safely from the sheet-fed to the transfer drum by means of guides, from one printing unit to the other and finally to the stacker table, without any damage. This requires reliable and precise functionality of the sheet-fed and guide components, even at enormous speeds. The LUBCON lubricant portfolio, recommended by printing machine manufacturers, shows very good lubrication properties and a long service life. These efficient oils, greases and pastes for the use in offset printing presses, protect guide elements permanently from friction and wear as well as corrosion, and enable a precise sheet feeding/sheet stacking and a smooth curvature.

Turmofluid 300 OM – 400 ml aerosol

Fully synthetic oil for the lubrication of all gliding and oscillating motions. Excellent adhesion on metal surfaces as well as outstanding thermal stability enable an optimum friction and wear reduction. Turmofluid 300 OM has excellent creeping properties, due to its low surface tension.

Turmosynth VG 4800 – 500 ml Aerosol

Colourless, highly viscose, adhesive oil, white oil based with high pressure stability and permanent protection against wear and corrosion. The InS/H1 certified multi-purpose lubricant can be used across a wide temperature range, does not generate solid deposits and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of chains, cams, grippers, wires, set screws, joints, open rollers, adjusting spindles etc. in the printing industry.

Turmopast NBI 2 weiss – 400 ml cartridge

Lubricating and assembly paste, free of heavy metals with white solids protecting against tribo-corrosion. Due to its special antioxidants as well as wear and corrosion protection additives it is particularly suitable for plates, cams, chains and grippers in the printing and coating unit.

Turmosynthgrease ALN 4602

Against corrosion and wear protecting polyurea-aluminium-special soap, suitable for the lubrication of plate tensioning, chains and curves as well as for the maintenance of grippers in the printing and coating unit. The grease has a high load carrying capacity, is particularly resistant towards cold and hot water influence and enables long maintenance intervals in any hardly accessible area.