In a complex printing mechanism, such as the mechanism of modern offset printing presses, hundreds of gears, roller bearings, joints, bushings and guide elements have to operate partly independently and still function simultaneously for a reliable long-term operation. The foundation, to withstand the high demands in such a complex system, is the control of friction and wear of all moving components. LUBCON lubricants for printing press maintenance and service are perfectly suitable for assembly and disassembly of all machine components. They have excellent lubricating properties and protect reliably against friction, wear and corrosion. These lubricants, approved by maintenance staff, engineers and service personnel, are available in various packaging sizes for easy and hassle-free application. Our maintenance lubricants are available as aerosols, in 100 ml tubes, in 400 ml cartridges up to 200 l drums.

Korroquick – 500 ml aerosol

Korroquick has a low viscosity with synergetic additive properties. It is water repellent on metal surfaces, forms a protection film, thus releases corroded components and eliminates rust.

Turmosynthoil 75 TF – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic, NSF/H1 certified oil with adhesive additives and solid lubricants. Containing PTFE-additives minimise additional wear and optimise the lubricating properties. It has excellent wetting properties and protects permanently against wear and corrosion.

Turmogrease NBI – 300 ml aerosol

Water and lye-resistant complex-soap grease with good wear protection and high load carrying capacity, even at low speeds. It is particularly suitable for the maintenance and lubrication of grippers. It has good fretting corrosion protection.

Turmosynthgrease ALN 2502 – 500 ml Aerosol

NSF/H1 certified lubricant with outstanding corrosion protection properties. It is very adhesive, especially temperature and oxidation-resistant and thus perfectly suitable for the maintenance of grippers in the food packaging industry.

Turmoplex EL 000 EP

Lithium-soap semi-fluid with chemically acting EP-additives and good wear protection properties for gripper maintenance.

Turmosynthgrease ALN 1001/000

Synthetic aluminium complex-soap grease of NLGI class 000 with NSF/H1 food grade approval. The oxidation-stable semi-fluid has high load carrying capacity as well as good lubricity and thus offers high wear protection.

Turmofluid OM 3

Offers optimum friction and wear protection, even across a wide temperature range and features low energy consumption as well as excellent high temperature stability.

Turmosynthoil GV 46

Long-term oil of ISO viscosity class 46 with NSF/H1 approval for the Schmitzring maintenance in printing machines. It is far more powerful than standard mineral oils and completely compatible with conventional mineral oils.

Automatic lubrication systems extend maintenance intervals and protect against over and under lubrication. Request more information with regards to the lubrication unit DuoMax 160 for the automatic lubrication of electric motors.