Regardless of whether short or long-distance transportation, the requirements in the infrastructure sector are sophisticated and unique. Even under harsh environmental conditions such as heat, snow, ice, rain or dust, train schedules have to be kept and passengers have to be transported safely and comfortably to their destination. Such environmental influences and conditions require the selection of high-performance lubricants, which are beyond the standard of conventional products and customised to the requirements of urban and national transportation. These track lubricants must have very high water and lubricating-film resistance and form a pressure resistant and adhesive lubricating film on the surface. LUBCON offers a versatile product portfolio of tested and approved lubricants. These lubricants not only reduce wear and mixed, noise-intensive friction between wheels and rails but are also biodegradable and comply with the strict safety and environmental regulations.

Sintono Terra HLK Series

These unique products are especially formulated friction modifiers that reduce considerably traffic noise, curve squeal and rail head loads, without negative influence on the traction or braking performance. The special pastes are based on synthetic oils as well as special, solid-containing high-performance additives, are thus easily biodegradable and highly effective against noise generation. This multiple tested and approved lubricant series meets the required criteria for traction/breaking and prevents significantly noise generation and curve squeal.

Sintono Terra SK-RE Series

High-performance lubricants, based on easily biodegradable synthetic ester oils with special selected thickeners. The greases reduce wear at critical contact surfaces of wheel and rail and improve their performance, even at high loads. The special greases are extremely adhesive and offer good temperature behaviour in all seasons.

Grizzlygrease Bio Series

Fully biodegradable, solid-free, long-term lubricating greases for the lubrication of track side face/wheel flange. The biodegradable ester oil based lubricants reduce significantly noise, minimise wear at wheel and rail contact surfaces and show good temperature behaviour during all seasons. They are particularly resistant to water/salt water, offer high adhesive strength, outstanding high load carrying capacity as well as excellent oxidation stability.

Grizzlygrease Bio 1-1000

Fully biodegradable, solid-free, long-term lubricating grease of NLGI class 1 for the lubrication of track side face/wheel flange as well as the wheel steering system in bogies. The biodegradable ester oil based lubricant has high adhesive strength, outstanding high load carrying capacity and excellent oxidation stability. It is resistant to water/salt water, reduces significantly wear and shows good temperature behaviour during all seasons.

Sintono Terra W Series

Corrosion resistant and pressure absorbing Li special-soaps, based on ester oil. They are environment-friendly due to their easy biodegradability. They are extremely resistant towards rain, dust, heat and ice due to their very good lubricating-film formation. The synthetic greases offer optimum wear protection, enabling extended lubrication intervals and can be used for switch lubrication all year-round.

Terrasol 100 WT

This biodegradable synthetic oil is successfully applied as a gear and hydraulic oil as well as a switch lubricant. Due to special additives it is resistant to oxidation, reduces wear while it has very good lubricating properties and adhesive capacities.

Terrasol SWA Series

These switch lubricating oils are solid-containing lubricants for the treatment of switch blades and switch controls. Even after longer usage, the special chosen solid lubricants do not leave any residues but provide optimum surface wetting. In case of long lubricating interval, special additives provides sufficient lubrication. The lubricating oils can be applied without prior cleaning, they damp mechanical pressures on the switches, therefore offering outstanding protection against wear and guaranteeing unobstructed function.

Terrasol 100 SWA

Solid-containing, biodegradable ester oil based switch lubricant for the treatment of switch blades, rollers and switch control. The specially selected solid lubricant does not leave any residues and provides optimum surface wetting, even after longer usage. Special additives provide sufficient lubrication in case of long lubricating intervals. The switch oil can be applied without prior cleaning, damps mechanical pressures on switches, offers outstanding protection against wear and guarantees unobstructed function.

Terrasol 40 CW

The synthetic oil is a fully biodegradable oil with a carefully balanced addition of solid lubricants. It protects reliably from icing, prevents initial ice formations, even in arctic temperatures over a long period, and requires only a few lubricating cycles during cold seasons. The oil supports the use of automatic spray systems or can be easily applied directly to the contact wire.