Water taps are applied in various areas: in household, industry, gastronomy, sanitary facilities etc. Lubricants that are used for the maintenance and lubrication of these valves have to resist pressure, steam as well as drastic changes of hot and cold water. Simultaneously, they have to avoid wear, cracking or corrosion over a long period of time. Contact with drinking water sets special specifications for the lubricant. LUBCON special lubricants for water taps are resistant to temperature and pressure, have a good sealing effect under humid conditions, are neutral in taste and odour and physiologically inert. The lubricants have the NSF/InS registration for H1-products and are suitable for applications where incidental contact with food cannot be avoided.

Turmsilon GL 320 G

The special silicon grease for the lubrication of hot and cold water taps is especially suitable for drinking water taps. Thus, it is registered at NSF International for the application in drinking water systems (NSF/ANSI-Standard 61; Temperature: commercial temperature 82 °C). The use of this lubricant is physiologically inert. The tap grease is neutral in taste and odour, resistant to hot and cold water, neutral to beer froth, resistant to steam and disinfectant solutions. Moreover, it is neutral towards elastomers (NBR, EPDM etc.), except silicone gum.

Turmsilon GL 320

The sealing grease is neutral in taste and odour. The lubricant is NSF H1 registered, for applications where incidental contact with food can technically not be avoided. TURMSILON GL 320 is certified by KIWA/ATA. The grease is neutral to beer froth, resistant to hot and cold water/steam as well as disinfectant solutions. It is neutral towards elastomers (NBR, EPDM etc.), except silicone gum.

Turmsilon GTI 6001

The lubricating and sealing grease can be utilised in the beverage industry as well as in sanitary and heating technology. The odour and taste neutral grease meets the requirements for an H1-approval, applying to lubricants that can contact incidentally with food. It features good adhesive properties and a good sealing effect. It is resistant to high temperatures, hot and cold water as well as steam and disinfectant solutions. In addition, it is neutral to beer froth and elastomers, except silicone gum.

Turmsilon K 6000

The oil is suitable as a lubricant for the food and luxury food industry as well as a dispersion and heat transfer medium in many other industries. It has a low pour point, low pressure dependence of the viscosity, good viscosity-temperature behaviour, high resistance to heat and cold, high compressibility, low vapour pressure and a high surface activity. The product is approved by NSF H1 as well as WRc.

Turmotempoil 400/270

This special lubricant contains polymers with high molecular weight and the structure of perfluorated polyether. The oil possesses the NSF H1 registration for lubricants. Important lubricant characteristics are high oxidation and temperature resistance (up to +300 °C), high pressure resistance, high chemical resistance and low evaporation. The special lubricant is non-flammable, physiologically inert and thus suitable for the lubrication of fittings and sealing elements in the drinking water, food and pharmaceutical industries.