The generator is the central element in wind turbines and is designed by machine manufactures to generate power for up to 175,000 operating hours. Due to heavy winds it is daily subjected to high vibrations affecting gear and generator bearing, reducing thus their service life. LUBCON offers an age-resistant premium lubricant assortment for the long-term, maintenance-free operation of generator bearings. The lubricants meet the high performance demands at high temperatures, loads and oscillating movements. The greases are specifically tailored to the technical characteristics of wind turbines, withstand maximum loads and extend maintenance intervals as well as generator service life.

Turmogrease Li 802 EP

Long-life grease with lithium soap thickener for best lubricity in wind turbine generators, yaw and main bearings. The high performance grease with special additives reliably withstands, due to its constant lubricity, high speeds, vibrations, temperatures and shock loads. It enables long service life and therefore reduces repair and replacement costs. It is extremely load and age-resistant and offers good corrosion protection. The grease is perfectly suitable for lubrication with central lubrication systems.

Turmogrease PU 702

Synthetic, ester oil based, long-life lubricant with specially selected additives for maximum pressure, oxidation and corrosion-resistance. The bearing grease is suitable across a broad temperature range, protects reliably against friction and wear and offers silent generator and main bearing operation at maximum speeds.

Turmogrease L 802 EP plus

Bearing grease with superior ageing-resistance as well as load carrying and thermal capacity for long and silent generator bearing operation. The lithium special soap thickener features good dry-running properties and protects bearing surfaces against contamination and corrosion. The vibration absorbing grease provides high performance stability and increases generator bearing service life.