The pitch/pitch control, located at the rotor blade root, is an essential wind turbine component. To control efficiency and to aerodynamically decelerate rotor blades, pitch control adjusts the blade angles to the wind magnitude at speeds up to 200 km/h. Components such as pitch bearing or yaw gear have to withstand high forces and loads. Low temperatures, micro-vibrations, centrifugal forces as well as changing static and dynamic stresses are only a few factors that can cause, without the proper lubrication, high wear and component failure within a short period. Due to optimum lubrication properties and application-fitted additives LUBCON lubricants achieve long component service life as well as safe and reliable pitch control.

Turmogrease SLF 4001

Vibration absorbing, well adherent lithium/calcium special soap grease with semi-synthetic base oil and a customised additive package. The particularly load absorbing special grease for pitch and yaw bearing lubrication in wind turbines withstands varying temperatures and climate conditions, protects against wear even at extreme high loads and oscillating movements and prevents false brinelling (fretting corrosion).

Grizzlygrease No. 1

Outstandingly water, media and temperature-resistant, mineral oil based, lithium/calcium complex soap grease with extreme high load carrying capacity, particularly at low speeds and oscillating movements. The mechanically and chemically resistant grease for open gear lubrication absorbs vibrations, shock loads and features high wear and tribo-corrosion protection. It is very adhesive and adheres to metal surfaces even at high centrifugal forces.

Turmogearfluid WKA

Especially developed long-life lubricant for the gear motor lubrication in wind turbines. The oxidation-resistant oil features good wetting properties, keeps its dynamic viscosity even at high shear loads and protects against wear, corrosion and deposit formations.