The rotor shaft is the central and simultaneously the highest stressed component in wind turbine engineering. The rotor bearing in particular is permanently subject to high mechanical as well as climatic loads. At stormy wind magnitudes of eight or higher, rotor bearings are subject to high dynamic loads as well as vibrations. In combination with climate impacts such as temperature, snow, ice or rain they can cause premature bearing failure. Lubrication has a high effect on reliability and service life of rotor bearings. LUBCON offers a selection of media-resistant and efficient bearing greases for rotor shaft bearings in wind turbines. LUBCON lubrication solutions have been developed with major bearing manufacturers and extensively tested with wind park operators featuring maximum performance. Markedly lower lubricant consumption and reduced operating, maintenance and repair costs are only a few benefits that come with the use of LUBCON lubricants.

Turmogrease Li 802 EP

Long-life grease with lithium soap thickener for best lubricity in wind turbine generators, yaw and main bearings. The high performance grease with special additives reliably withstands, due to its constant lubricity, high speeds, vibrations, temperatures and shock loads. It enables long service life and therefore reduces repair and replacement costs. It is extremely load and age-resistant and offers good corrosion protection. The grease is perfectly suitable for lubrication with central lubrication systems.

Turmogrease HDC 2

Outstanding water, media and temperature resistant calcium-sulphonate complex soap grease based on mineral oils with extreme high load carrying capacity, particularly at low speeds and oscillating movements. The mechanically and chemically stable rotor shaft grease absorbs vibrations and features high wear and tribo-corrosion protection.

Turmogrease PU 702

Synthetic, ester oil based, long-life lubricant with specially selected additives for maximum pressure, oxidation and corrosion-resistance. The bearing grease is suitable across a broad temperature range, protects reliably against friction and wear and offers silent generator and main bearing operation at maximum speeds.

To disencumber maintenance staff and to extend maintenance intervals LUBCON offers the central lubrication system EasyMatic HD, a robust and reliable solution for the automatic rotor bearing lubrication. The lubrication system supplies shaft bearings continuously with the right and fresh lubricant amount.