Isobaric double belt presses continuously laminate technical laminates and plastic films, decor papers and real wood veneer to media, such as particle board, at high temperatures and high loads. Laminate board can be cut and laminate can be applied to the cutting edges in the same process. Laminated boards are the base for e. g. highly durable wood floors, standard boards for furniture parts, high grade counter tops etc. We have the perfect lubricant for every machine component in double belt presses, regardless of how high the thermal or mechanical impact in the laminated board manufacturing process is. Friction-minimising, high-performance greases, such as Turmotemp II/400 RS 2, enable long service-life at high machine performance and are highly recommended by machine manufacturers for the lubrication of roller and spherical roller bearings. LUBCON lubricants are applicable in machines by e. g. Hymmen Industrieanlagen GmbH.

Turmsilon K 350 WR

High-temperature and ageing-resistant silicone oil with maximum pressure resistance and good lubricating properties at high thermal and mechanical influences. Due to its superior viscosity/temperature behaviour, it minimises friction/wear in the pressure frame and seals it optimally. Additionally it is very compatible with most common seals.

Turmotemp LP 5002

Temperature and ageing-resistant special grease, based on perfluorinated polyether with special metal-soap additives. Due to its extremely high pressure stability, its excellent protection against wear and fretting corrosion as well as its long service-life it is perfectly suitable for the bearing lubrication in rotary units.

Turmofluid 300 OM – 400 ml aerosol

Fully synthetic, adhesive lubricant with excellent penetration for the lubrication of open gear drives, toothed wheels, chains, guideways and wire ropes. The highly-viscous and high-pressure resistant oil remains fluid even at low temperatures and leaves no solid residues.

In addition to the above listed special lubricants, we also offer a complete maintenance product assortment for reliable machine maintenance in woodworking and wood processing. Our maintenance products are available in various packaging sizes and product designs to support a just-in-time stock. Product overview.