The product assortments of our premium maintenance lubricants is successfully used throughout the woodworking industry, for degreasing and cleaning as well as for assembly and disassembly of all machine components. The maintenance and cleaning products feature excellent lubricity, protect reliably against corrosion and are recommended by maintenance/service personnel as well as mechanics and engineers.

Turmofluid ED 13 – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic, silicone-free high performance lubricating oil for precision engineered manufacturing machines and their components, measurement and control instruments as well as the sector of machine construction and tool making. Temperature range: -45 °C up to 150 °C.

Turmofluid 300 OM – 400 ml aerosol

Fully synthetic, adhesive lubricant with excellent penetration for the lubrication of open gear drives, toothed wheels, chains, guideways and wire ropes. The highly-viscous and high-pressure resistant oil remains fluid even at low temperatures and leaves no solid residues.

Turmofluid 40 B – 400 ml aerosol

Extremely temperature-resistant chain and gear oil. It is a synthetic lubricating oil for open drives, chains and gears. It does not carbonise, embrittle, build layers or polymerise and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of open wire ropes, guideways, leaf springs, toothed racks etc.

Turmopast NBI 2 weiss – 400 ml aerosol

Lubricating and assembly paste, free of heavy metals with white solids protecting against tribo-corrosion. Due to the latest additive technologies it protects against wear and corrosion in guides, joints, bolts, bushings, cams and hinges, that are subject to oscillations. The assembly paste is particularly suitable for use at high static and dynamic loads and is also suited as a lubricant for roller and journal bearings.

Turmopast MA

Synthetic assembly paste with superior protection against tribo-corrosion and fretting corrosion. The EP additive-refined paste is pressure resistant and forms a water, steam, alkali and acidic media-resistant lubricant film.

Turmopast TF – 400 ml aerosol

Colourless, air-drying sliding agent for the long-term lubrication of highly loaded sliding guides as well as spindles and bearings in extreme temperatures. It prevents fretting corrosion as well as the adhesion of dirt particles.

Turmolyb WG – 200 ml aerosol

Highly effective, silicone-free, ceramic antiseize lacquer with extreme adhesive strength, good pressure absorbing capabilities and a very good separating effect. It forms a water and oxidation-resistant protection film, offering thus good lubricity, even when subject to shocking and vibrating loads.

Turmofluid HYM 1 – 400 ml aerosol

Sliding and release agent which prevents the adhesion of glues and adhesives such as dextrin glue, dispersion glue, hot-melt adhesive, glutin and casein glue, phenol or other resins.

Turmogearoil PE Series

Synthetic, multiple-alloy gear oils on ester oil base with high thermal stability as well as good wear and corrosion protection. They are suitable for the lubrication of high temperature gears, slide ways and chains in fusing and drying machines as well as bearings in paper and plastic calenders.

Turmofluid HLP Series

Aging-resistant hydraulic oils based on mineral oils, with superior corrosion and wear protection even under extreme loads.

Turmofluid VDL Series

Pressure resistant vacuum pump oils on mineral oil base with remarkable high oxidation stability. The oils are available in various ISO VG classes and suitable for high and low operation temperatures.

Bio Aktiv V 101

Highly concentrated cleaning and degreasing agent for a wide application range in industry and workshops. It is soluble and features an excellent cleaning effect, based on an extremely effective emulsifier combination as well as wetting agents and solvents.

Especially for applications in the woodworking industry, LUBCON offers, in addition to a wide portfolio of high-quality maintenance products, a well organised and consistent maintenance support program. Our competent and technically trained maintenance staff adjusts the lubricant supply individually to the actual machine lubricant consumption and records the individual lubrication procedures. This allows a maintenance overview and reduces the lubricant consumption in the production plant. The service includes maintenance and cleaning of rollers as well as chain and bending rods with the specially developed Turmowoodoil MKP Cleaner. Please contact your regional LUBCON sales agent for more information.