In aerospace, aircraft components are subject to frequent pressure and temperature changes as well as high impact loads and vibrations. At such stress, friction and resulting wear in concurrence with humidity and/or contamination lead to early component damages. In order to ensure the safety of the aviation personnel and the passengers, the maintenance of every component is of great importance. The use of high-quality, efficient and field-tested lubricants can significantly increase service life of aircraft components and reduce maintenance as well as repair costs to a minimum. The LUBCON lab and field-tested specialty lubricants have been developed especially for aerospace applications. They are suitable in a wide temperature range and resist, due to their high load carrying capacity, varying pressure loads. Reliable protection against friction and fretting corrosion, in combination with a long service life, enable safe and reliable aircraft function. For the lubrication of rotary actuator gearboxes in landing flaps, for example, it is recommended to use Turmogrease Li AzR according to SAE AMS 3057 or ZF B831. Trust the long experience of our lubricant specialists at LUBCON, when choosing the appropriate lubricant for your application.