In the corrugator cutoff section, long cross cutters cut the corrugated board web longitudinally to custom specific measurements. The cutting blades shear the cutting board, with only one cut, quick and precisely to the required size at machine speeds up to 400 m/min. To maintain blade sharpness they have to be lubricated with oil soaked pads. Selecting a lubricant with the right oil viscosity is therefore of high importance. Due to the cutting blades peripheral speeds, too high oil viscosity can cause contamination with the corrugated board and result in sub-standard material or damage. The LUBCON lubricant selection for corrugated board manufacturing includes efficient cutting oils in various viscosity grades. They get specially selected by application engineers to meet the cutting blade speed, prevent contamination with the corrugated board and extend blade sharpness significantly. LUBCON special lubricants for cross cutters reduce friction, protect reliably against tribo-corrosion, make clean cuts, prevent sub-standard or burned product.