In the Single Facer the web paper gets its significant fluted form. It runs through two steam-heated, up to 170 °C hot corrugating rolls forming a paper flute. The paper flute can vary in size depending on machine model and corrugating roll profile. To create a single fluted paper web, glue is applied to the flute peaks and pressed to a flat paper web by pressure rolls. In the core of the corrugator, components such as bearings, gears, chains etc. are subject to high loads, high temperatures, steam as well as adhesives. They have to provide maximum performance at productions speeds up to 400 m/min. LUBCON lubricants for the Single Facer offer best lubricity and protection in high temperature applications. Long-term, they prevent wear and corrosion of machine elements and enable long service life at maximum performance. For maximum operation reliability, LUBCON offers automatic lubrication systems, such as the central lubrication systems EasyMatic, for the reliable long-term lubrication of high temperature bearings in the corrugator. In combination with special lubricant technologies such as the high-temperature-resistant, PTFE-free, lithium special soap grease Turmotemp LP 2502, for the lubrication of corrugated rolls, it extends the service life of bearings and reduces lubricant consumption.