Modern circular knitting machines, flat beds and weaving machines process daily several hundred kilograms of knitted material at maximum speeds. Hundreds of fine needles and sinkers turn colourful threads into socks, sweaters, skirts, coats, wool bed covers and comforters with finest patterns in a blink of an eye. An accurate knitting and weaving image requires good yarn tension as well as the reliable operation of bearings, gears, sliding elements and needles. Even the smallest machinery discrepancy reflects immediately on the knitted or weaved fabric and increases thus the percentage of substandard fabric as well as the associated manufacturing expenses. LUBCON offers tailored high performance lubricants for the reliability of your machines, particularly geared towards machine component precision and long service life. Scouring, friction and wear minimising LUBCON needle, running-in and cleaning oils enable clean and low-maintenance production processes, while saving costs.