For a smooth railway-operation and the adherence of the daily schedule, not only the functionality of infrastructure/ vehicle body must be considered but also the interplay of many components. Components such as brakes, door mechanisms and clutches ensure a safe transportation of passengers/goods and have to be intact at all times. To ensure long-term functionality of various components in train engineering, it requires a lubricant selection that is specially tailored to the requirements of such component complexity. A number of specially selected lubricants and lubrication systems offers vehicle and rail owners a comprehensive maintenance programme for vehicle lubrication. Our product portfolio includes ecological and economical high-performance lubricants, which extend maintenance intervals and reliably protect components against wear and corrosion.

From distinctive competencies in demanding industrial application we developed DuoMax 160, a long-term solution for the lubrication of door systems. The automatic lubrication unit reliably supplies guides and joints with the optimum lubricant quantity and thus prevents over or under-lubrication.