Vacuum pumps are used in many industrial and scientific areas. Creating a technical vacuum enables logistic and chemical processes and allows reactions in various, atmospheric vacuums e. g. 10-3 mbar up to 10-9 mbar. Vacuum technology facilitates thus the handling of goods or extremely sensitive materials and enables the production of robust and efficient products. Freeze-drying and food packaging, production of certain polymers or electrical components as well as the application in nuclear and nanotechnology are just a few areas where vacuum pumps are part of the daily process. LUBCON vacuum pump lubricants with low evaporation losses, maximum temperature resistance and extreme oxidation stability are particularly designed for high-vacuum and clean-room applications. They enable maximum performance at longer service. The product assortment of LUBCON vacuum pump lubricants includes mineral and synthetic vacuum pump oils (ester, PAO), silicone oils, PFPE oils as well as vacuum greases based on PFPE with special additives for all vacuum and clean-room applications with various final vacuums.