Primary vacuum pumps such as rotary vane, root or piston pumps enable final vacuums from 10-3 up to 10-4 mbar and can be utilised prior to creating a secondary vacuum. The excluded substance or the generated final vacuum determine the suitability of either wet or dry running vacuum pumps, both to be lubricated with special oils or greases. The LUBCON high performance oils for oil lubricated wet-running pumps offer excellent lubricating and sealing properties between cage and blades, are inert towards almost all chemical and oxidative impacts and enable thus longer operating times. LUBCON offers complimentary an extensive selection of high performance greases for dry-running vacuum pumps, particularly designed for the long-term lubrication of high speed bearings. The product series, designed for rough and fine vacuum applications, provides maximum chemical, oxidation and thermal stability as well as low vapour pressure even at high operating temperatures.