For a higher and efficient energy output, the nacelle must be adjusted to the wind power as soon as the wind turbine sensor measures a change in wind direction or speed. This sets a drive mechanism in operation adjusting the nacelle slowly and precisely to the right wind direction. High loads and dynamic forces impact nacelle rotary joints and result in the long run in, high wear and premature failure. LUBCON lubricants are easy to apply, absorb vibrations, dissipate wind forces and offer efficient tribo-corrosion protection at longer operation stops for a precise and failure-free adjustment. The lubricants remain at the friction points due to the good adhesion properties and protect them permanently against wear and potential fretting corrosion. To disencumber maintenance staff and to extend maintenance intervals LUBCON offers the central lubrication system EasyMatic HD, a robust and reliable solution for the automatic yaw drive lubrication. The lubrication system supplies continuously yaw bearing and yaw gear with the right and fresh lubricant amount.