The product assortments of our premium maintenance lubricants is successfully used throughout the woodworking industry, for degreasing and cleaning as well as for assembly and disassembly of all machine components. The maintenance and cleaning products feature excellent lubricity, protect reliably against corrosion and are recommended by maintenance/service personnel as well as mechanics and engineers. Especially for applications in the woodworking industry, LUBCON offers, in addition to a wide portfolio of high-quality maintenance products, a well organised and consistent maintenance support program. Our competent and technically trained maintenance staff adjusts the lubricant supply individually to the actual machine lubricant consumption and records the individual lubrication procedures. This allows a maintenance overview and reduces the lubricant consumption in the production plant. The service includes maintenance and cleaning of rollers as well as chain and bending rods with the specially developed Turmowoodoil MKP Cleaner. Please contact your regional LUBCON sales agent for more information.