In woodworking, modern furniture production processes would be impossible without today’s high-performance machines. Cutting, laminating, drilling and edge processing are just a few production processes in furniture manufacturing. LUBCON provides a complete product assortment to its partners in woodworking and wood-processing. Maintenance personnel benefit from custom made greases, such as Turmogrease Highspeed L 252 for the lubrication of high-speed spindles, that drill and mill wood with speeds up to 2.2 Mio. n•dm. In addition, LUBCON offers automatic lubrication solutions such as MicroMax 120 and central lubrication systems, such as EasyMatic to support the maintenance of linear guides and ball screws.

In addition to the above listed special lubricants, we also offer a complete maintenance product assortment for reliable machine maintenance in woodworking and wood processing. Our maintenance products are available in various packaging sizes and product designs to support a just-in-time stock. Product overview.