Maintal / Spreitenbach (CH). LUBCON’s Swiss subsidiary, LUBOCN Lubricant Consult AG, was recently announced preferred partner and supplier of the RAILplus group. This group is an association of currently eleven companies of the railway sector in German-speaking Switzerland offering narrow-gauge transport capacities. By forming a union of carriers, synergies shall be generated in order to achieve common aims and to actively shape changes within public transport in Switzerland.

LUBCON is pleased about the acknowledgement and the confidence of the RAILplus group and therefore, looks forward to a continuing successful collaboration. Having LUBCON as a partner and supplier of the RAILplus group, members can profit from expertise and services of the special lubricant manufacturer. In collaboration with LUBCON’s lubrication experts for applications in the rail industry, a smooth and low-noise public transport in German-speaking Switzerland can be achieved in the future.

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