Precise Lubrication of Pins, Bushings, Links and Conveyors

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Thus, both link and chain service life depend on proper lubrication. Conveyor chains operate under moderate speeds and mixed friction conditions with heavy metal to metal contact. Therefore, chain service life relies thus on lubricants’ wear protection capabilities. Moreover, it is particularly influenced by the chain oil quality, the additive package as well as the oil supply accuracy. The protective lubricant layer, however, is worn off with time and needs to be refreshed by constant lubricant supply. Manual lubrication can hereby result in over or under lubrication. The TLB® 2000 automatic chain lubricator has been particularly designed to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing.

Precision Avoids Product Contamination

The main elements of the TLB® 2000 automatic lubrication system are an electronic control unit, a lubricant reservoir and an integrated gear pump. Each lubrication point is fed with oil at constant pressure via individually positioned delivery jets. The oil supply is controlled by high-speed solenoid valves. Speed and position sensors detect and determine the lubrication points. The chain speed and position signal is used by the central control unit to trigger high-speed electro-magnetic valves in terms of lubrication timing and oil quantity. Precise and controlled chain oil application avoids the necessity of excessive oil supply. Thus, potential product contamination of e. g. chains in ovens and freezers as well as conveyers in food and beverage processing is prevented. Compared to conventional lubrication methods, chain service life can be significantly extended, particularly in combination with LUBCON H1 food grade and/or Halal/Kosher certified chain oils such as Turmofluid LMI 300.

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