Particular requirements and environments require special solutions. Turmo®comp HD 150 is a lubrication concept enabling effective lubrication of roller bearings even in complex operating conditions. The lubricating compound is a composition of ultrahigh molecular polymers and synthetic, temperature-stable base oils. For application in the food industry, H1-approved lubricants are used.

In order to protect roller bearings against extreme operating influences such as dust and humidity, the hollow cavities are fully filled with Turmo®comp HD 150. A subsequent heat treatment hardens the compound to a firm, open-porous matrix structure. It completely fills the bearing cavities and does not be displaced easily. Due to this structure, a significantly greater amount of lubricant that fits the application will be stored.

This compound is suitable for almost any geometry of roller bearings. Bearings lubricated with Turmo®comp HD 150 are applied at lubrication points with limited access or where, due to technical reasons, optimum lubrication with conventional greases or oils cannot be realised.

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