The LUBCON lubricating and cleaning agents enable a quick, clean and economical lubrication in all industrial maintenance and service areas.
The extensive portfolio of LUBCON aerosols includes high-performance greases, oils, pastes, bonded coatings, silicone sprays, release agents and adhesive lubricants, designed for all industrial applications. Whether for the disassembly of seized-up screws or for the lubrication, surface coating, cleaning and preservation of parts – we have the right lubricant spray.

Grizzlygrease No. 1 – 500 ml aerosol

Lithium/calcium complex grease with excellent wear protection for heavily loaded open gears. The solid-free, high-performance grease is high-temperature and radiation resistant and suitable across a wide application range.

Turmosynth VG 4800 – 500 ml aerosol

Colourless, adhesive, highly-viscous white oil offering high pressure resistance and lasting protection against wear and corrosion. It can be used across a wide temperature range. Remains fluid even in cold conditions and leaves no solid residues. InS H1 registered.

Turmosynthgrease ALN 2502 – 500 ml aerosol

NSF H1 registered grease with excellent corrosion protection properties. It is adhesive, hot and cold-water resistant and is thus particularly suitable for the lubrication of guideways, gear drives or conveyor chains in the food, beverage and packaging industry.

Zahnradspray 50 CHD – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic sliding and adhesive oil for the lubrication of open gears, chains, guideways, open wire ropes, plate springs and toothed gear racks.

4 S Fluid – 250 ml aerosol

4S-Fluid cleans, lubricates and protects all lubricating points in industry, craft and household. The silicone-free, multi-purpose oil with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is suited for the lubrication and preservation of various surfaces and protects from corrosion and rust due to its adhesive behaviour. Application temperature range: -50 °C up to 150 °C.

Diacut – 250 ml aerosol

Fully synthetic special oil for cutting, milling and drilling of all metals. It does not drip, due to its excellent adhesion and can be applied even in vertical drilling positions and at high cutting speeds. The oil emulsifies with condensed water and offers very good corrosion and wear protection across a wide temperature range.

Korroquick – 400 ml aerosol

Thin, quick-acting rust remover with synergetic acting additives for high corrosion protection and excellent lubricating properties. It reliably separates rusty metal parts as well as screw connections and dissolves even tenacious deposits.

Profi-Oil – 250 ml aerosol

Universal oil with outstanding wear and corrosion protection properties. Profi Oil for every corroded and squeaking object – in industry, craft and around the home.

Rapid GÖ – 400 ml aerosol

Oil and graphite combination with good temperature stability for the lubrication of sliding surfaces even under the influence of moisture. It builds a soft, oily lubricant film which forms a dry coating at high temperature. It protects against corrosion and wear. It is particularly suitable for the lubrication of guideways, spindles, spring elements and dovetail joints, journal bearings, gears, toothed racks as well as bolts.

Turmofluid 300 OM – 400 ml aerosol

Fully synthetic, adhesive lubricant for open gear drives, toothed wheels, chains, guideways and wire ropes. The highly-viscous and high-pressure resistant oil remains fluid even at low temperatures and leaves no solid residues

Turmofluid 40 B – 400 ml aerosol

Extreme temperature resistant chain and gear oil. Synthetic lubricating oil for open drives, chains and gears. It does not carbonise, embrittle, build layers or polymerise and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of open wire ropes, guideways, leaf springs and toothed racks.

Turmofluid ED 13 – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic, silicone-free high performance lubricating oil for precision engineered manufacturing machines and their components, measurement and control instruments as well as the sector of machine construction and tool making. Temperature range: -45 °C up to 150 °C.

Turmofluid LMI 300 – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic high-performance oil with very good separating properties. It has high oxidation stability, offers excellent protection against corrosion and wear and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication of friction points in medical and technical areas as well as in the beverage, food and textile industry.

Turmosynthoil 75 TF – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic universal oil with excellent wetting properties offering lasting protection against wear and corrosion. Special PTFE additives reduce fretting and optimise the lubricating properties. NSF H1 registered.

Turmotempoil 400-01 – 400 ml aerosol

Oxidation, chemical and temperature resistant lubricating and sealing agent for the precision engineering, optic and electronic sector. It is extremely pressure resistant, evaporates without leaving any residues and is thus particularly suitable in oxygen and vacuum applications. Temperature range up to 160 °C.

Turmotempoil 400/05 – 400 ml aerosol

Temperature resistant, high-performance lubricating and release agent with NSF H1 registration. It has a low coefficient of friction and shows good viscosity/temperature behaviour even under high chemical influences. It has good separating and sliding properties; is neutral towards metals, plastic and rubber and is thus particularly suitable in the tyre and rubber industry.

Rapid FG 15 – 400 ml aerosol

H1-certified penetrating oil, which deeply penetrates, cleans and loosens rusted parts. The multi-purpose synthetic oil leaves a durable lubricating film and provides effective corrosion protection.

Turmogrease NBI – 300 ml aerosol

Lubricating and sliding agent for the lubrication of inaccessible bearing points or internal sliding points of roller, bush or pin chains. It protects reliably against wear, reduces friction and allows extended lubrication intervals as well as a long operating life.

Turmolyb PSP – 400 ml aerosol

Highly concentrated MoS2 -paste characterised by a low coefficient of friction and therefore especially suitable for the treatment of metal parts with low tolerances and surface roughness. Also can be used as a release paste and reliably prevents the metal contact of gliding parts.

Turmopast NBI 2 weiss – 400 ml aerosol

Lubricating and assembly paste, free of heavy metals with white solids protecting against tribo-corrosion. Due to the latest additive technologies it protects against wear and corrosion in guides, joints, bolts, bushings, cams and hinges, that are subject to oscillations. The assembly paste is particularly suitable for use at high static and dynamic loads and is also suited as a lubricant for roller and journal bearings.

Turmopast TAS WT – 400 ml aerosol

Black/grey paste spray based on synthetic hydrocarbons, suitable as a lubricating and anti-seize paste preventing the seizing of bolts, hinges and bolted joints. It is particularly suitable for low-speed bearings, eccentrics, cam discs, spindles and chains as well as for the easy assembly and disassembly of screws, nuts, bolts and interference fits.

Turmofluid HYM 1 – 400 ml aerosol

Sliding and release agent which prevents the adhesion of glues and adhesives such as dextrin glue, dispersion glue, hot-melt adhesive, glutin and casein glue, phenol or other resins.

Turmosol K 52 – 400 ml aerosol

Silicone-free lubricant and release agent for multiple manufacturing processes in the plastic and textile industry.

Rapid GT – 400 ml aerosol

Temperature-stable, solid lubricant for the lubrication of sliding surfaces, even under the influence of moisture, applicable in temperatures up to 650 °C (1202 °F). It forms a fast and highly effective uniform lubricating film which protects against wear. It is eminently suitable for the impregnation and lubrication of die-casting moulds.

Turmolyb WG – 200 ml aerosol

Highly effective, silicone-free ceramic sliding lacquer with extreme adhesive strength, good load carrying capacity and a very good separating effect. It forms a water and oxidation stable protective film which offers good lubricating properties, even at sudden and random loads and can be used in temperatures up to +1000 °C.

Turmopast TF – 400 ml aerosol

Colourless, air-drying sliding agent for the long-term lubrication of highly loaded sliding guides as well as spindles and bearings in extreme temperatures. It prevents fretting corrosion as well as the adhesion of dirt particles.

LC 500 – 500 ml aerosol

Special cleaner for industrial plants and workshops: Cleans and degreases thoroughly all surfaces such as metal, glass, stone and diverse plastics. Suitable for tools, tiles, stone floors or carpets. Evaporates quickly without leaving any residues.

Turmofluid LS 400 plus – 400 ml aerosol

Synthetic maintenance oil for the lubrication and cleaning of textile machines and precision equipment. A special combination of substances allows application on machines and parts in wet environments. It leaves a thin protective film, reaches inaccessible lubrication points and protects against corrosion.

Turmosynth VG 1 – 500 ml aerosol

Quickly evaporating special cleaner and degreaser with H1-certification, particularly suitable for to remove oil, grease or wax form tools and components.

Turmosynth VG 2 – 500 ml aerosol

Low viscosity, NSF H1 registered cleaner with very good compatibility towards metals and elastomers. It leaves a durable lubricating film that protects against corrosion and improves the dismantling of machine parts.

Turmotempoil 480 – 200 ml aerosol

Highly effective special cleaning fluid, based on PFAE oils with NSF H1 registration for the thorough removal of lubricants and sliding agents. It is resistant towards chemicals and evaporates without leaving residues. The cleaning agent is non-toxic, non-flammable and compatible with elastomers and metals.

Turmowax – 250 ml aerosol

Dust and dirt repelling cleaning, lubricating and preservation spray with extremely high corrosion protection. It is free of abrasive additives, very compatible with plastics and protects component surfaces reliably against tribo-corrosion.

Turmsilon K 40 – 500 ml aerosol

Silicone separating agent with long durability and good sliding abilities for various manufacturing processes. The oil has very good hot/cold resistance properties across a wide operating temperature range and is used as separation agent in the plastic and textile industry.

Turmsilon K 1000 PL – 300 ml aerosol

Silicone-based separating agent with high wetting ability and high compressibility for various manufacturing processes. The oil has very good hot/cold resistance and is especially suitable for the lubrication and care of seals in medical and sterile areas.

Turmsilon M 100 – 400 ml (14 oz) aerosol

NSF H1 food grade registered, silicone based separating and sliding agent for use in the plastics, food, pharmaceutical and textile industry. The oil forms an extremely oxidation-resistant separating film and prevents the adhesion or burning in of material. It does not resinify or adhere.