The EasyMatic makes a significant contribution to reducing maintenance and lubrication costs. The EasyMatic can pump either oil or grease up to NLGI class 3 and may be used in almost every environment, due to its robust housing. Downtime associated with manual lubrication will be minimized and machine reliability improved. With the options of various sized reservoirs, distribution blocks, pump elements and programming capabilities the EasyMatic can be configured to suit any specific customer application.


  • Enables optimum bearing performance
  • Improves safety
  • Prevents contamination due to precise and continuous automatic lubrication
  • Reduces grease consumption and maintenance intervals
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces costs

Automatic lubrication with very short lubrication intervals and small but very regular and accurate lubricant quantities provides optimum lubrication conditions. Due to the closed system, it reduces the risk of contamination and refreshes the lubricant in the bearing more frequently than manual lubrication. The EasyMatic can be configured to meet customer application requirements and feed up to 44 lubrication positions. Flexible programming which can be set in different modes: four standard operation modes as well as a purge mode, e.g. to purge the bearings in case of accidental contamination etc.

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Inconsistent lubrication in terms of frequency or volume is the most common cause of premature bearing failure. Automatic lubrication is the only way to ensure regular and accurate lubricant supply.