The lubricator LUBCON MicroMax 120 is an economical solution for automatic long term lubrication. The self-sustaining electro-mechanical lubricator enables the lubrication of components in extreme operating conditions over long periods, even in areas which are hard to access.


  • Easy installation and activation
  • Automatic lubricant supply 24/7
  • Optimum metering of the lubricant
  • Combination of premium lubricant and intelligent lubrication device
  • Battery driven, no external power needed

Robust and reliable

  • Closed metal housing
  • Completely sealed unit
  • Performs in extreme environmental conditions (dust, water, heat)
  • Installation in any position

Lubrication over long periods

  • Individually adjustable operating time
  • Possible operating range up to 36 months
  • Lubrication device for minimum quantities e. g. at 3 years operating time: 40 cm3 per year

The MicroMax 120 is an electro-mechanical lubricator for automatic lubrication with grease or oil. The aluminium body of the MicroMax 120 contains 120 cm³ of lubricant. A linear progressive piston pushes the lubricant through the outlet to the lubrication point. The forward motion of the piston is generated by a geared motor and a spindle drive. The control of this motion as well as the activation and control of the gear motor is governed by a micro processor. A fixed, non-removable lithium battery supplies the electronic circuit and motor with power. The maximum operating time of the MicroMax 120 is three years.

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MicroMax 120

Optimum lubrication of bearings, ball screws, linear guides etc. during operation with a smart single point automatic lubricator. Lubrication of critical components in difficult to reach areas over long periods is possible with our self-sustaining electro mechanical grease pump.